Meet the most exclusive destinations for safaris through the super awarded African lodges. Also in Africa explore Madagascar and its unique nature. At United Arab Emirates is possible to make desert safari. Adventures in Asia include exploring Indian tigers nature parks, trekking in Nepal and unique attractions of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.


The most beautiful paradise retreats in the world on the islands of the Indian Ocean. The turquoise coast of Mozambique and on the exotic island of Zanzibar. In Mauritius there are ideal resorts for couples and families or Madagascar for new discoveries. All the charm to relax in unique environments with great weather all year round. Diving options are available for sea lovers.


For couples in love there is a selection of destinations ranging from African islands like Mauritius, Mozambique or Zanzibar combined with the best safaris to the outstanding beaches in South and Southeast Asia as found in Thailand, Indonesia and even the Maldives. The charm of Arab and Indian nights and its sumptuous hotels, Cape Town and Halong Bay in Vietnam, the wonders of the world offers the perfect settings for rides together.


Asia stands out for its rich ancient culture, where striking features of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist religions through the thousands of temples and ceremonies that are open to visitors. Major cities such as Bangkok, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur offer several options for leisure and learning. Dubai and the wonders built in the desert. Africa is another highlight with its colors and cheerful environment. Particularly South Africa that forms a rich cultural landscape.


The destinations we represent there is always a great offer of local cuisine with the best flavors. For those who like well-seasoned dishes recommended India, Thailand or an African boma dinner. Seafood is always well served in coastal destinations. In the Middle East the best of Arabic cuisine and the region of Umbria in


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