Our mission is to generate business
opportunities for our clients

Marketing Collection is a family operated business from Latin America that has been able to grow and reach different parts of the world, and that continues to grow year after year.
The Savoi family traveled to Africa and fell in love with the continent. In 2000 they invested in real estate in South Africa, a prestigious hotel with a clear focus on conservation and relocating animals to their natural habitat.
Philippe Savoi joined his family on this incredible experience and noticed the lack of Latin American passengers, due to the little promotion African business had been doing in that part of the world. That’s why he decided to venture into marketing and sales and offer these hotels and lodges in the Latin American market. This is how Marketing Collection was born in 2001, with a clear intention since its beginning to be the leading representation company of luxury tourism brands and experiences in Latin America. In the beginning, Phillipe himself visited the agencies with their portfolio of family hotels. Shortly after and because of excellent results since the beginning, other properties and DMCs were added.
After 20 years Marketing Collection has a reputation second to none, and is able to guarantee the success of the clients that we take on. Our proven track record of results and our past successes have made us the leading tourism luxury representation in Latin America.

Philippe Savoi

Carolina Benia



We built a team based on 2 criteria:

Number one their past professional experience and skill set. We all have experience in the luxury travel sector, but our soft skills are very broad and really compatible with one another. Namely communication, publics relations, sales and marketing, creativity, problem solving and leadership.

But secondly, we think it’s absolutely key to have permanent presence in the major countries and cities where our customers want to be. We just don’t travel to those places once in a while, we are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to build close relationships with agents, agency owners, journalists and all the key players in the luxury travel area.

The results speak for themselves. Contact us today and meet our amazing team.

Our obsession is to deliver results for our customers. Because of this we track, measure and report to you every single action we take for your brand and in your behalf. While our competitors will tell you they have been ‘very busy’, with us you will know exactly what we are doing, when we do it and the effects if has had. Here are a few examples of what our customers get:

  • A monthly report with a detailed summary of all actions taken
  • An annual report with the actions taken that year and highlights
  • Number of connections made for your brand throughout the year
  • Events executed, with details about attendees, feedback and leads generated.
  • Our qualitative recommendations on how to enhance the plans for the upcoming season, based on data: what worked and what didn’t.