China a la Carta

In China a la Carta, we know China inside out. We´ve travelled every corner, stayed at every hotel, eaten at every street market. From Beijing´s palaces and temples to the Silk Road, from Shanghai´s skyscrapers to the ethnical kaleidoscope of Yunnan province. We want to take you around one of the world´s most exciting countries.


China included Hong Kong and Tibet
China a la carta, leader in travel, offers all services in private and always of the highest quality. All their sales team is native speakers and they are specialized in the Latin market

Exclusive experiences

We want you to experience China – fully. We want to take you to its dozens of historical sites and wander about its breathtaking landscapes. We also want you to enjoy an unforgettable lunch on the Great Wall. Or to learn tai chi at the Temple of Heaven. Or to sail along Shanghai´s Huangpu River while sipping a glass of champagne. Find out more about our exclusive experiences.


We serve all China, including Tibet, Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia. Breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities and ancient sites full of millenary history. Come explore one of the world´s most exciting countries with us.


At China a la Carta, they focus on high-end, unforgettable experiences in China. They want you to leave China with memories that will stay with you forever. They can arrange many activities that will give you a better understanding of China and they will allow you to experience it – to the fullest.


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