• More than 1,400 square kilometers of unspoilt nature in northern Tanzania.
• Very low impact tourism, which generates an almost exclusive experience.
• Excellent for sighting animals throughout the year.
• Main species: cheetah, blue wildebeest, eared fox, topi, eland antelope, Kilimanjaro giraffe, lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard.



The winter months from April to October
• Climate fairly stable. Heavy rains (April and May).
• Drier and somewhat cooler months.
• In general, migration is in the reserve at this time (June and July).

The summer months from November to March
• Climate fairly stable. Short rains and warmer months.
• Green season.
• Animal sightings throughout the area a little more calm.



Sabora Camp
Wild romance of a bygone era. A luxury camp in the style of the explorers of the twenties,
Nostalgic, with the charm of the old world, luxury fabrics, adventure.
• 9 Luxury tents
• Not suitable for children under 10 years

Sasakwa Lodge
The elegance of the old world, extensive glamorous views, refined, sophisticated splendor,
printed fabrics
animal and tribal designs.
• 6 one bedroom country houses
• 2 Two-Bedroom Cottages
• 1 three-bedroom country house
• 1 four-bedroom country house

Faru Faru Lodge
Unconventional, extravagant, clear, botanical, contemporary, relaxing, nuanced and natural camp.
• 7 Suites
• 1 Family Suite
• 1 three-bedroom country house
• 1 Two-Bedroom Suite
* Children under 16 pay 50% of the rate and children under 2 years old do not pay.
* For safety, the participation of children in animal sightings activities is at the discretion of the guide.


• Daily departures for animal sightings.
• Safaris on foot with a guide.
• Mountain biking (on the Sasakwa hill).
• Contemplation of the stars and archery.
• Walks through the communities.
• Spa.
• Boutique and gallery.
• Balloon rides.



Creative and high-end food is an integral part of the overall safari experience in Singita.
The chefs make every effort to make each meal tailored to each individual preference.
• Private in-suite dinner.
• Outdoor dining in the savannah.
• Elegant dinner à la carte.
• Tasting menu (food combined with wine) upon request.
• Appetizers at sunset.
• African barbecue.


1 daily flight from Nairobi (depends on the time of year)
• Flight 1 (Coastal Air) – Departure 07:30 hs. – Arrival 09:45 hs.

3 daily flights from Kilimanjaro
• Flight 1 (Grumeti Air) – Departure 10:00 hs. – Arrival 11:50 hs.
• Flight 2 (Coastal Air) – Departure 10:50 hs. – Arrival 13:00 hs.
• Flight 3 (Coastal Air) – Departure 14:30 hs. – Arrival 16:30 hs.

1 daily flight from Arusha
• Flight 1 (Grumeti Air) – Departure 09:20 hs. – Arrival 11:50 hs.


This is a malaria area. Please, consult your doctor before traveling