China a la Carta, is a recognized DMC to China, including operations in Hong Kong and Tibet.



They work with the best travel consultants tailor, attracting travelers looking for more than just a standard script.

Personalized itineraries with experiences that enrich and transform lives, encounters with landscapes and cultural traditions, making the trip forever stay in the memory of all who visit the region.

China to La Carta specializes in designing cultural tours that allow you to form a connection with the local ancient tradition. There is the option of private tours with guides in Spanish, even at night, and VIP transfers at airports.
A philosophy based on attention to detail and passion to provide the best service according to the specific needs of tourists, while experiencing this spectacular country. The perfect combination for a trip in a country full of customs and cultural contrasts.

Beijing (Beijing), the capital of the Republic of China has many places of interest and historical value, including the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City), the Temple of Heaven and the beautiful Summer Palace. Xian, the ancient capital eleven dynasties, starting point of the Silk Road and Warriors Army house made of terracotta; Shanghai (Shanghai) stands out as the cosmopolitan city that pulsates at a fascinating pace, especially in the Pudong area.

The charming Hong Kong is a captivating metropolis, with modern super skyscrapers and centuries-old temples – a city where living together in harmony is possible between East and West, with the combination of different styles.


The intriguing Tibet arouses compassion visitors in the monasteries of Lhasa mythical “city of the gods” and the land of spiritual leader Dalai Lama. The Potala Palace is a must stop, now converted into a museum and heritage of humanity.

Special Tours offers a unique opportunity to practice Tai Chi in the Temple of Heaven, calligraphy class at the Confucius Temple, private access to the restoration room of the Terracotta Army, private audience with a monk, accommodation and dinner at the Great Wall. Few visitors are familiar with these wonderful experiences, although they are very typical in China.

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