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Italy has a history of thousands of years, a tale of wonders untangled not only by the precious heritage of the land but sometimes hidden in the bloodline of some of the oldest families of the peninsula, Noble houses sharing in some cases common ancestors with the Roman emperors that managed to keep thriving and growing through time.

Italy is a must-visit for anyone interested in architecture and art. Historically, it has been a pilgrimage site for artists from all over the world who did not consider their education complete until they had spent time discovering the Country. Even today, millions come to Italy for the very same reason: journeying to a place which collects 80% of the historical heritage of the entire West World.

All aboard for a train ride that will take you back in time. It’s the Italian Trans – Siberian a 120 km journey on an almost 100 years old carriage completely restored, that from Rome reaches the ski resort of Sulmona Roccanaso, crossing the Abruzzo’s Mountains.


Drive your Formula 1. Imagine driving a real Formula 1 car go full speed, a Ferrari among the hills of the Chianti’s district of Tuscany or travel back in time and step into the magic of the Sixties enjoying a vintage car trip.

Visit the Lamborghini Factory deep into the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, to visit the production center of Lamborghini, a name that stands for speed, beauty, and technology transformed into art.

Imagine being able to fly over the Dolomites, watching the majesty of the mountains from above, picture yourself taking off over the picturesque Amalfi with its blue deep sea, or again envision the breathtaking view of the Etna from the sky.

Live the glamour of stepping out of your private jet after a luxury roundtrip in the skies of Rome or Milan.

When summer is coming there is nothing better than a deep dive into the Mediterranean Sea. But if the thought of going to sunbath on a crowded beach is not really your thing, if you always dreamt of sailing among the beauty of the Sicilian Coast on your private yacht like a movie star, spoiled in everything, even with your private chef on board.

Discover the Coliseum or the Vatican museum without the rush of the crowd. To get to know it, privately, with your own guide, following your own rhythm, your timing and your own pace.


There is a city in Italy that made of chocolate art. Perugia, in Umbria, is the place where the “Bacio”, the famous kiss of the Italian patisserie, was born. Enjoy a chocolate cooking class. A full day workshop hosted in one of the most renowned laboratories of Perugia.

Discover the secrets of the Italian cuisine straight with the Master Chefs renowned by the very same Michelin Guide. A private seminar, personal and charming, reserved for all those travelers want to understand the moods, the history and the creativity holding up behind.

Enjoy an organic cooking class in a local farm experiencing at every step the flavours that during the centuries made Italy what it is today.

Discover all the secrets of one of the best condiments which can be used in the kitchen: the truffle.

Explore Emilia Romagna’s heritage, with a tour entirely dedicated to some of the best known Italian food ambassadors in the entire world: parmesan and balsamic vinegar.

Tuscany has one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world, a setting rich in history, culture, and traditions. This precious territory, that every year attracts millions of visitors offers also some of the very best wines of Country. Their name is sufficient to echo glamour, taste, and quality.

There is no other place like Milan. It’s a creative workshop of trend and glamour like no others. Milan is the symbol of whatever is fashion, design, and lifestyle. Not just Italy, but a very special part of it. In this context, there is one experience that summarizes all of this: the fashion week. Twice a year, among the opulent palaces and the posh corners of the fashion districts, the city showcases the best of what the universe of fashion has to offer.



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