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Marketing Collection is the leading travel brands
representation company in Latin America.

Our proven track record speaks volumes. We’ve
positioned luxury travel brands for success
throughout Latin America.


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As a beacon of premium travel, we harbor the power of key connections that unlock the door to the Latin American market, ensuring tangible and remarkable achievements for our clients.

farm trips marketing collection

Memorable Fam Trips

for top travel-related decision makers

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Sales Calls

with agents face-to-face to create a more powerful relationship

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Unique Events

to increase your brand awareness

Training Webinars

to consistently keep your brand at the top of the minds of travel agents

Strategic Content Social Media

for our target audience with high engagement

Trade and promotional Newsletters

to our +7,000 database of top sellers, agency directors, business owners, and senior decision-makers

Latin America Partners Network

Discover Our Collaborative Network: Powering Success in Luxury Tourism Across Latin America

+7,000 High end travel designers

+7000 High end travel designers

In Latin America

Main Cities in Brazil

Main Cities in Mexico

Main Countries in South America

Most travel agencies are members of
Our portfolio

Our Clients have to


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