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Shaping Luxury Tourism Triumphs in Latin America

For Philippe Savoi and Carolina Benia, partners in business and in life, the lightbulb moment happened on a journey in the African bush on a family trip.

As guests they loved the idea of conservation, contributing to communities, and at the same time offering a unique experience to travelers. Late that same year, they decided as a family to invest as shareholders in a group of luxury hotels.

They noticed the lack of Latin American passengers, due to the little promotion African business had been doing in that part of the world.

Our story

An idea began to form in their minds…

Consider the possibility of igniting such inquisitiveness in others, leveraging its capacity to fuel individual and corporate advancement, all the while making a constructive contribution to the world.

They decided to venture into marketing and sales and offer these hotels and lodges in the Latin American market. This is how Marketing Collection was born in 2001, with a clear intention since its beginning, to be the leading representation company of luxury tourism brands and experiences in Latin America.

In the beginning, Phillipe himself visited the agencies with their portfolio of family hotels. Shortly after and because of excellent results since the beginning, other properties and DMCs were added.

Marketing Collection Journey
Our family

Our team is fueled by a deep passion for luxury travel and a wealth of expertise in positioning brands for success in Latin America.

We think it’s absolutely key to have a permanent presence in the major countries and cities where our customers want to be. We just don’t travel to those places once in a while, we are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to build close relationships with agents, agency owners, journalists, and all the key players in the luxury travel area.

Executive Team

Philippe Savoi

Philippe Savoi CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Specialist: Africa, India, Emiratos Arabes

Best Experience: Gorilla trekking

Carolina Benia COO - Chief Operation Manager

Specialist: Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Tailandia

Best Experiences: Horseback safari, Bush pancakes, Rafting Zambezi

Joan Montero Marketing Director
CPO - Chief People Manager

Specialist: Human Resources and Processes

Best Experience: Seeing Orangutans in Borneo

Operations Team

Mexico Team

Paulina Lopez

Country Manager Mexico

Specialist: South and East Africa

Best Experience: Safari

Claudia Nieto

Account Manager

Specialist: Asia, Egypt and Middle East

Best Experience: Hydroplane in Halong Bay

Gonzalo Romero

Account Manager Mexico

Specialist: Africa and South America

Best Experience: Devils pool in the Victoria Falls

Mar Colina

Account Manager

Specialist: Europe

Best Experience: Skydiving in Fiji.

Lucy Galindo

Account Manager

Specialist: South Africa & Zimbabwe

Best Experience: Safari and diving

Sofia Villaseñor

Jr Account Manager

Specialist: Gastronomy & travel organization throughout Europe

Best Experience: Visit to the Blue Grotto of Capri

Brazil Team

Mariana Amorim

Country Manager

Specialist: Africa and South America

Best Experience: Sunset over the Atacama Desert

Felipe Rodrigues

Account Manager

Specialist: South America

Best Experience: Night boat ride on the Danube in front of the Budapest Parliament.

Fernanda Doria

Account Manager

Specialist: South Africa and Australia

Best Experience: Buceo on the WhitSunday island

Patricia Fratta

Account Manager

Specialist: Asia and Europe

Best Experience: Boat trip with a private lunch on a desert island in El Nido, Philippines

Pablo Trova

Account Manager

Specialist: Ski, Europa & Actividades

Best Experience: Glacier Express in Switzerland and helicopter ride in Les Trois Vallees, France.

Lais Bernardi

Account Manager

Specialist: Travel in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean & Central America.

Best Experience: Spend a night camping in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and witness the sunset and sunrise there.

Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina

Araceli Carpio

Country Manager

Specialist: All our portfolio

Best Experience: Paragliding, elephant trekking in Chiang Rai

Erika Rivera

Account Manager

Specialist: South America, Asia

Best Experience: Desert 4x4 Safari in Dubai

Marketing team

Marlene levano

Content Manager

Specialist: Tourism Copywriting

Kiara Montaña

Creative & Design Manager

Specialist: Premium Brands Designer

Project Manager

María Eugenia Mosquera

Specialist: Exotic destinations, Europe & America

Best Experience: Swimming over an underwater volcano in Hawaii

We invite you to be a part of our story

Let’s embark on a journey that leads to remarkable success in the vibrant world of Latin American luxury tourism. With Marketing Collection as your partner, your brand’s triumph is not just a destination; it’s a shared passion.

Why Choose Marketing Collection

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    Proven Track Record: Our success stories speak volumes about our expertise in positioning luxury travel brands since 2001.
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    Choose where to start: We understand both the challenges and opportunities that exist in each market throughout Latin America.
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    Tailored Strategies: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our solutions are customized to match your brand's identity and goals.
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    Key Connections : Unlock opportunities with our extensive network of travel industry connections.
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    Measurable Impact : We're committed to del and delivering results you can see and feel

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