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Discover Morocco’s Essence



Maana Travel believes that a meaningful journey begins with unconventional ideas and enriching local connections. Their passion for creating exclusive experiences based on an intimate knowledge of Morocco, insider access, and attention to every detail along the traveler’s journey is what sets them apart. They strive to have a positive impact on the communities they meet and on the environment that welcomes them.

Luxury Experiences

  • City Exploration: The traveler embarks on an off-the-beaten-track adventure, exploring two contrasting Moroccan cities as a modern explorer.
  • Culinary Delights: They indulge in modern Moroccan cuisine, from home-cooked meals to romantic dinners in renowned Marrakech restaurants.
  • Family Adventure: They bring their family on an exciting journey with accessible treks and handicraft workshops in eco-friendly lodges.
  • Romantic Getaway: The traveler unwinds with a loved one in private, mesmerizing settings, enjoying a romantic escapade in Morocco.
  • Caravan Routes: They follow ancient caravan routes, traversing Berber lands with treks through high peaks, lush valleys, and infinite deserts.




  • Design customized trips with a multilingual team based in Casablanca, Morocco.
  • Offers 24/7 concierge services, providing personalized recommendations for memorable activities, restaurants, and more.
  • Travelers have the opportunity to engage with local Moroccan ambassadors, sharing their passions, work, and even dining experiences for a unique and immersive cultural encounter.
  • Maana Travel’s passion for crafting exclusive experiences, deep knowledge of Morocco, insider access, meticulous attention to detail throughout the journey, and a commitment to making a positive impact on local communities make them an ideal travel partner.


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