Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

Exclusive Wildlife Sanctuary



Ol Jogi Conservancy is a 58,000-acre private wildlife sanctuary located in Laikipia, Kenya. Its mission is to protect indigenous and critically endangered species while fostering beneficial relationships with local communities. With a dedicated team of nearly 300 individuals, Ol Jogi strives to set the highest standards in conservation. Situated 225km north of Nairobi in a malaria-free zone, Ol Jogi provides an exclusive safari experience, combining luxury accommodations with profound conservation education.


Ol Jogi offers one of Africa’s most exclusive accommodation experiences. The private home features eleven bedrooms across eight cottages, available only to one group at a time, ensuring complete privacy and a personalized stay. The home, a design masterpiece, includes luxurious common spaces such as a pool and spa, billiards room, tennis court, underground wildlife viewing tunnel, and more. Each space is crafted to provide comfort and a unique ambiance, making guests feel at home in a truly exceptional environment.


  • Exclusive Access: Guests enjoy the entire 58,000-acre conservancy to themselves, ensuring a unique and private safari experience.
  • Wildlife Viewing Tunnel: An underground tunnel offers close, safe encounters with wildlife at the watering hole, just steps from the house.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Features include a pool, spa, sauna, gym, and numerous recreational spaces, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.
  • Personalized Dining: With private chefs and locally sourced ingredients, meals are tailored to guests’ preferences, offering a highly personalized culinary experience.
  • Conservation Efforts: Visitors gain insight into cutting-edge conservation projects and can visit facilities like the Veterinary Clinic and Rhino Orphanage, knowing their stay supports vital wildlife protection.

Exclusive Wildlife Sanctuary

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