Shamwari Private Game Reserve

Luxury inspired by nature



A stay at Shamwari Private Game Reserve is one that will stay with you forever. Due to its location in the heart of the Eastern Cape, the reserve offers an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna unique to the area and unforgettable encounters with nature.

Shamwari has 7 lodges, each offering a different experience. From exclusive tranquillity, effortless family enjoyment or the back-to-nature appeal of a luxury tented camp.


Riverdene Family Lodge has a welcoming ease and warmth and is a place where families are always at home and guests become friends. Here you will enjoy sunsets under the vastness of the African sky, leaving you and your loved ones with memories to treasure forever.

Sindile, Shamwari’s new luxury tented camp, is a secluded, luxurious hideaway deep in the African veld. Named after Shamwari’s famous leopard, the camp mimics a solitary leopard’s sanctuary, blending into the surrounding bush while offering excellent views of the Bushman’s River and surrounding plains.

Long Lee Manor
Overlooking the magnificent plains of Shamwari is the exquisite Long Lee Manor. This newly refurbished lodge boasts Edwardian-style suites and a stunning rim-flow swimming pool. Long Lee Manor redefines elegance in the wild. Guests can immerse themselves in nature while on safari at this spectacular lodge. The historic 1910 manor house, a Shamwari treasure, offers uncompromising luxury in an unprecedented setting.

Sarili Private House is an oasis of exclusive luxury overlooking the grassy plains of Africa and the Bushman’s River, a sumptuous five-bedroom lodge from where family and friends can view Africa’s iconic Big Five.

Eagles Crag
A sophisticated safari experience, Eagles Crag offers exclusivity and spectacular views. Taking full advantage of its idyllic setting, guests can immerse themselves in nature’s magnificent beauty and marvel at the lush vegetation and rocky cliffs that surround this luxurious property.

The name of this Shamwari lodge comes from the African greeting pronounced «By-ye-ti». The English translation of this word is ‘I salute you’ and is one of the warmest greetings in African culture in this area of the country. For a luxurious, malaria-free experience, look no further than Bayethe Tented Lodge.

Explorer Camp
During South Africa’s summer season, Shamwari Private Game Reserve expands its offerings with the opening of Explorer Camp, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes guests on a guided walking safari through the surrounding land, allowing you to get up close and personal with nature. This package not only reflects the core ideals of our safaris, but aims to provide an eye-opening encounter with nature.


  • Private reserve just 60 minutes from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Safari opportunities for children as young as 4 years old, not available at other destinations.
  • Home to the much sought after «Big Five».
  • Set in a vast malaria-free landscape, it offers an unrivalled experience as one of the largest and most important private conservation initiatives in Southern Africa.
  • Its Born Free Foundation, set up to rescue endangered species, and a rehabilitation centre dedicated exclusively to wildlife, with qualified wildlife veterinarians, environmental engineers and ecologists forming an anti-poaching unit.

African Adventure Beckons at Shamwari Private Game Reserve

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