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Andean Experience reinvents the art of travel by showcasing the true essence of Peru through inspiring destinations, innovative accommodations, and authentic experiences. As an industry pioneer in the design and development of owner-managed hotels and carefree travel, Andean Experience takes guests on journeys from the historic vibrancy of the city to the timeless serenity of Peru’s unspoiled side. Each experience is complemented by seamless serendipity, remarkable local cuisine, nourishment for the soul, and an understated elegance that is uniquely Peruvian.

Hotel Collection

Cirqa – Arequipa

Cirqa’s unique Arequipean character & original volcanic rock architecture – dating back to the town’s foundation in 1540 – has withstood the test of time. Today, CIRQA is celebrated for its amazing design & architecture, which, combined with contemporary nuances, make up the soul of the property. The eleven rooms, some with restored vaulted ceilings, surround the main terraza & patio. On the second floor, El Techo de CIRQA overlooks the surrounding neighbourhoods & showcases the city’s volcanoes.

Puquio – Arequipa

Puqio, nestled in the Colca Valley, is a thoughtful tented camp that embraces the simplicity of its surroundings. Deep in the heart of nature, guests experience Andean-style exploration through food, excursions, and discovery drives. With fuming volcanoes and open-flame meals, Puqio offers a raw and authentic Valle Colca experience, rejuvenating the spirit of the seasoned traveler each night.

Atemporal, Casa en Lima

The house preserves the individuality of original 1940s Peruvian mansions while retaining the personality and warmth of a family home. With only six rooms and an intimate atmosphere, the timeless aesthetic is matched only by the charming interior and old-school service, a tranquil oasis in a buzzing city.

Fausto – Lima

Situated in Miraflores, Lima’s vibrant district, Fausto is a haven for the avid traveler. With just six rooms, this guest house seamlessly blends contemporary design with Lima’s rich heritage. Perfectly located, Fausto offers a balance of cultural attractions, a beautiful coastline, and urban amenities. Whether guests crave gastronomic experiences or seaside strolls, Fausto is the ideal starting point for all things Miraflores.

Titilaka – Puno

Titilaka, a serene getaway lodge, offers surreal views in every direction. With a commitment to sustainability and local support, the hotel exceeds expectations. Situated on Lake Titicaca’s shores, on a private peninsula shared with the Aymara community, Titilaka features 18 rooms with lake views, outdoor terraces, and an overwater deck—a perfect base for exploring the picturesque surroundings.




• Hotels located near the city’s main tourist attractions.
• The cuisine is renowned for the richness of local ingredients and the variety of tastes and aromas.
• First class service and meals
• Variety of experiences on site or nearby.


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